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Our local shortbread biscuits, Machines of the Isle of Nantes, the Castle of the Duke of Brittany… Just a few words to tell you about our agency. Welcome to Nantes!

A true Agile team, our branch in Nantes brings together employees from all walks of life! A melting pot of personalities and backgrounds makes for a diverse and productive work environment at our agency.

We work closely with the big names in information systems management and digital computing, but also in industrial data processing. We also provide support for publishers, web agencies and digital start-ups in this constantly evolving environment.

Apside Nantes is at the heart of innovation, with its Lab, its community of experts, its meet-ups, its participation in DevFest, Devoxx, JFTL, Digital Change, etc.

IT Engineering / Industrial engineering / IT Infrastructure / Training / Digital transformation

Apside Nantes
1 Rue Haute Casserie, 44000 Nantes
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