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CSR: an approach of continuous improvement

Since its founding in 1976, the Apside Group has always cared for the well-being of those it has been involved with. Respect, loyalty, ethics and integrity are fundamental in its relationships with its consultants, clients, partners, colleagues, but also more broadly with society at large. In 2004, Apside confirmed its approach for better working conditions by implementing the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact relating to human rights, labour standards, the environment, and the fight against corruption.
Every day, our CSR charter aims to bring our team together around common values and commitments. These principles have enabled Apside to receive the silver medal by EcoVadis in 2020 to recognize its CSR performance, thus listing Apside among the top 25% of the companies evaluated.

Environmental commitments

Environmental protection is our daily focus. Each project that we are involved in promotes the implementation of sustainable solutions.

In light of this, the Apside Group invests in sustainable management, preserving the natural resources:
• Recycling office waste in all our agencies
• Choosing local businesses to work with
• Establishing all of our agencies near train stations
• Using multi-site collaborative tools
• Investing more and more in self-service electric vehicles

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Social commitments

Consultants are the DNA of the company. As a committed and responsible employer, Apside values the knowledge and skills of its team to benefit our local communities.

We take part in local community projects on a regular basis:
• The Paris-Versailles race in September 2019, with 40 Apside participants for l’Etoile de Martin (an organization dedicated to cancer research)
• The collection of clothes and toys during Operation Grand Froid at the end of each year, in order to offer a Christmas to disadvantaged families
• Participating in charity walks throughout the year
• The organization of a social health convoy by our agency in Morocco in partnership with Apsid’EA and the CINDH club of the ENSIAS school, for the benefit of two communities in Maghreb from the TAMDA region, AZILAL, where 366

Societal and ethical commitments

Everyone at Apside reflects the societal and ethical values that we hold dear. Apside strives to provide the best working conditions possible for its consultants by responding to their concerns expressed in the annual satisfaction survey.
Above all, Apside is built around people. The Group guarantees, from the beginning of the recruitment process, that no one is left behind and ensures the following conditions for career growth:
• Job security: 97% of contracts signed are permanent contracts and 97% of trial periods validated without renewal
• Gender parity through tangible actions. (Gender equality index of women to men: Apside SA 79/100, Apside TOP 86/100, Apside North 99/100, Apside HTI 78/100)
• Inclusion of persons with disabilities: In 2019 Apside established a branch that hires thos with disabilities as part of our disability initiative
• An environment of mutual respect and open dialogue

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Our commitment to excellence

In a process of continuous improvement and technical innovation, the Apside Group is committed to ensure the security of its clients' information systems. This confidence provides the environment for continued success on their projects while maintaining current ISO security standards..
ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certified, Apside uses a quality management system as well as a quality insurance system optimized for the Aeronautics, Space and Defense sectors.

Our vision

Because we consider that strength lies in close cooperation, we are committed every day to our consultants, our clients, our partners, our competitors and to society at large to maximise our social and societal impact, while mitigating our environmental footprint.

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