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Technical migration Property and casualty claims management app

The claims management applications are key challenges faced by every player in the insurance world. Indeed, while poorly managed claims can have a big impact on customer loyalty, it is nevertheless common to see application components being developed in significantly obsolete technologies.

Technical migration of a property and casualty claims management application


Based on this observation, a major player in the insurance sector expressed the need to reduce the technical debt of its property and casualty claims management application which had originally been developed in Visual Basic (VB), a Microsoft technology which will cease to be supported in the medium term. The risks were indeed becoming too great and the consequences of a security breach or malfunction would have been too severe given the high economic, commercial and functional stakes.

The feasibility study was entrusted to Apside because of its knowledge and good technical and functional mastery of the application (services in technical support mode for maintenance and developments) as well as its experience in managing this type of operations. This study was used to quantify and give a structure to all of the tasks and activities to be implemented.With regard to these summary elements, including the proposed tooling component in particular, the client entrusted the Apside teams with these tasks.
They were completed in a fixed-price configuration in order to migrate this complex application (more than 500,000 lines of code!) to the .Net platform or Java components if necessary, according to the schedule, the prerequisites and the protocols expected by the customer from a qualitative point of view.

Property and casualty claims management application technical migration

our team

In order to support the client in this high added-value project, eight Apsidians were mobilised for the operational tasks.They included the following:
  • 1 project director ; 
  • 4 visual basic/.Net/Java technical experts (including 2 architects);
  • 3 functional experts.
In order to consolidate the system, Apside also joined forces with a company that specialises in the .Net language in order to rubber-stamp some of the architectural choices.
Although it was performed in Apside’s offices, the work done by the Apside teams established regular exchanges with the client’s stakeholders (technical architects, application architects, functional teams as well as the CISO.)
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Property and casualty claims management application technical migration

our support

As part of this migration, Apside was involved throughout the entire project.Indeed, the teams were able to share their expertise during the audit phase, complete the migration and implementation of the new platform followed by the post-deployment on the traditional project activities (progressive and corrective maintenance, new developments, etc.).
The Apside technical teams, who faced some extreme challenges, worked together with the client architects, the code migration software editor as well as with the Apsidian tech lead community in order to put forward the most comprehensive and optimal solution possible. As for the functional experts, they ensured that the app’s business constraints were properly understood and guaranteed compliance with the functional processes.


In order to successfully complete this project, major milestones have been defined, including the following :
  • Audit and advisory phase;
  • Migration tool benchmark:our teams had to put forward the best tool by evaluating the quality/price ratio as well as its adaptability to the customer ecosystem;
  • Tool configuration to generate the highest standard of coding;
  • Code refactoring phase, the aim of which is to refine the structure and quality of the code in particular;
  • Testing phase:unit test to start with. This is followed by the operational acceptance test (a double run was then set up in order to compare and evaluate the processing of claims on the two versions of the app).
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Key figures

  • 8
  • 500,000
    lines of code
  • 40
    people involved

Technical migration of a property and casualty claims management application


The application was successfully delivered in the chosen target technology (.Net/Java) and is now fully operational! However, the most important aspect that our teams remember is the client’s satisfaction and congratulations to Apside upon closing the project.
Furthermore, following on from this project, Apside is delighted to now be recognised by this client for its expertise in migration and reducing technical debt and obsolescence! This has resulted in the generation of new service offerings such as the establishment of a TMA skill centre (for the same claims management application) or even technical debt reduction audits of about 10 applications.


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