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The Thales Obsolescence service has developed an internal obsolescence management tool, called TOMM. This tool is for anticipating some of the risks of component shortages.In order to make the tool more accessible among international teams as well as combat misconceptions about obsolescence and its management, a request for the creation of an e-learning self-training course at TOMM has emerged.The challenge was also to lighten the load on those who were training the tool so that they could focus on the advanced uses of TOMM and not on the features that can be handled independently.

Why create an e-learning course?

The customer context

Academy by Apside therefore proposed a course consisting of two modules in English, which enabled all the resources to be consulted in 30 minutes. They are entitled “The concepts of obsolescence” and “How to use TOMM?


At the end of this course, Thales employees will be able to:

  • Define sustainability;
  • Describe the management process, from obsolescence to sustainability;
  • Cite the scope of TOMM, its main functionalities and terminology;
  • Identify and use the functionalities specific to their role in the application.

Our team at the service of creating the course

To meet this need, various Apside players were mobilized:

  • Two employees contributed to the creation of the two e-learning courses, working in particular on the development of interactive presentations using the Genially tool, the recording of screen capture videos to present TOMM functionalities, and accompanying the translator during the recording sessions.
  • The translator was responsible for translating and recording all voice-overs from French into English.
  • Two pedagogical engineers from Academy by Apside, the group’s corporate academy and digital learning agency, worked with Apside employees and the customer to structure, design and produce the course content. They also produced the more complex resources (videos, for example). Finally, they were responsible for creating the customer’s dedicated space and user accounts on Apside’s e-learning platform, hosted on myskillcamp.


In addition, the customer played an important role during the project, and his involvement was central to achieving a result of the expected quality. He was involved in :

  • Co-construction of the storyboard with the Academy team;
  • Drafting and/or proofreading and correcting course narratives;
  • Recipe preparation for the various resources.
Screenshot de la plateforme de formationk myskillcamp

The stages of the project

The project management to develop this e-learning training course was divided into 5 main stages:

  1. Analysis of the need from documents provided by the client
  2. Structuring of the system and the different courses that make it up using a storyboard
  3. Training and support for designers to create courses for the LXP myskillcamp by the Academy by Apside team
  4. Creation of the training content and materials, acceptance of these internally and by the customer as part of a continuous improvement approach
  5. Creation of the space dedicated to the client’s subcontractors, availability of e-learning courses
Screenshot de la plateforme de formation myskillcamp

The results obtained

  • 4


  • 361

    In 2022

  • 5

    Derived from

Thanks to the work done, 361 Thales employees, coming from five different countries, were made aware of the challenges of obsolescence and its management.This is indeed an important activity at the heart of the projects and facilities of Thales.On the other hand, TOMM users now have everything they need to discover the TOMM tool.Finally, the Thales instructors can now focus on supporting users with more specific needs, where their expertise can have more benefit.


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