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Écran d'ordinateur pendant un onboarding digital de groupe


A client of Apside Toulouse is developing management software (ERP) for healthcare institutions. The client’s request was to offer a skill centre format, where the service provider guarantees the skills level of the employees.

Why create a hybrid onboarding process?

The customer context

Apside was retained as the main service provider, along with two other secondary subcontractors to work on this skill centre. As part of the response, one aspect was the training of the employees required to work on the project, regardless of the entity to which they are attached. The client wanted to subcontract the leadership of the face-to-face training performed by internal staff which was 24 hours long at the time. Apside put forward a hybrid course, with e-learning course content totalling three hours of onboarding as well as face-to-face training on software lasting 18 hours. This format was the preferred solution for optimising the face-to-face training time (face-to-face training focusing on practical work with the added value of an instructor) as well as allowing learners to train at their own pace, wherever they may be.Finally, the task involved passing on useful information to them about daily life on the client’s premises, e.g. activities and places to eat in the neighbourhood.

Our team at the service of the hybrid onboarding process

To meet this need, five Apside employees were mobilised:

  • The manager of the Toulouse skill centre talked with the client, created the framework for the hybrid onboarding course and developed the training content on the targeted software.This person is also responsible for the administrative monitoring of learners (calls, certificates of success, etc.).
  • Two employees created three e-learning courses: the Welcome Guide course containing the presentation of the client and its context based on a document written by the manager of the Apside skill centre, a course for finding out more about Rally, a tool used by the client, and finally a course on business renewal strategy.
  • The Apside instructor role was held by the head of the centre in order to lead the face-to-face aspects of the process (for the first session).
  • The digital teaching engineer of Academy by Apside, the group’s corporate academy, supported the various stakeholders in designing and producing the content of the course.
  • Finally, the digital learning manager at Academy by Apside was in charge of creating a space dedicated to the customer and user accounts within the Apside e-learning platform which uses myskillcamp.
Schéma explicatif du parcours de formation

Creation hybrid onboarding skill centre

the stages of the project

  1. Analysis of the existing situation based on the documents provided by the client and the participation in the face-to-face training previously led by the client
  2. Structuring of the hybrid system and the different courses that make it up using storyboards
  3. Training and support for designers to create courses for the LXP myskillcamp by the team of Academy by Apside
  4. Creation of the training content and materials and their acceptance internally and by the customer as part of a continuous improvement approach.
  5. Creation of the space dedicated to the client’s subcontractors, availability of e-learning courses.
  6. Leadership of the first session of face-to-face training on 1, 2 and 3 December 2021 for two Apside employees and two subcontractors (client participation to validate the educational aspect of the instructors)
Capture d'écran de la plateforme d'onboarding mise en oeuvre par Apside

Creation of a hybrid onboarding process

the results obtained

  • 40


  • 5


  • 17

    Cross-sector approach

  • 4


  • 2


Thanks to the work done, all the teams in the skill centre, whether they come from Apside or another subcontractor, undergo a hybrid onboarding process, tailored to their geographical constraints with a preference for face-to-face training for the most technical aspects. In this way, the instructor is required over a shorter period of time, and on subjects where their expertise is most beneficial. A dedicated space on the myskillcamp platform was created so that everyone could follow the different e-learning courses, and 17 people, including four external subcontractors at Apside and two outsourced people, have been trained since the system was created. The plan is to continue with one session per month for six months, for four to five learners on average per session. Finally, the elements contained in the e-learning courses, including the Welcome Guide, have not been formally documented until now by the client.In summary, this generates a significant time saving for our client, with superior operational efficiency of its subcontractors!


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