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Software development and digital learning support

Our customer is a software publisher in the insurance sector whose ambition is to create a modular digital solution for managing individual and group health and provident contracts. 

Développement progiciel et accompagnement digital learning


Our client is a software publisher in the insurance sector whose ambition is to create a modular digital solution for managing individual and group health and provident contracts.

In particular, this solution aims to challenge existing solutions on the market, and to replace the health and welfare bricks used by the major players in the sector.

As part of the development of this software package, Apside, which provided technical assistance support, identified and shared with its customer potential problems relating to the understanding of technical and functional specificities for nearshore teams in Tunisia. Aware of the functional challenges and keen to meet its customer’s needs, Apside proposed to back up its customized service offering with a hybrid training, acculturation and functional skills enhancement program, based on its Digital Learning offering.

Développement progiciel et accompagnement digital learning

our team

Apside has mobilized a dozen Apsidians for this project, which requires technical or “business” skills on the one hand, and Digital Learning skills on the other. On the technical support side, we found several developers and a SAFe-certified agile coach directly integrated into the customer teams. As far as the Digital Learning teams are concerned, Apside has mobilized a Digital Learning Manager, an educational engineer and an Insurance functional expert and trainer in regular contact with the customer’s head of research.

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Développement progiciel et accompagnement digital learning

our support

As part of this project, Apside’s objective is to support the technical teams in the implementation of this software package by contributing to the development of the customer’s target application bricks, based in particular on Java, Kafka and Spring components. The software solution implemented will also undergo testing, integration and certification phases to guarantee its quality.

With regard to its Digital Learning support, the aim is to offer a tailor-made, relevant and comprehensive hybrid training program to encourage Tunisian teams to take on board and enhance their skills, particularly with regard to functional concepts relating to disability and death. The aim is to help transfer these skills to the work situation, i.e. as part of the development of functionalities for the customer’s software package. Specific training engineering was therefore developed for a 12-week program, in the following format:


To achieve this, the Digital Learning teams structure their methodological and operational approach as follows:

  • Distance learning :
    • Determination of topics to be covered (content and level of depth)
    • Creation of digital learning media (visuals, presentation elements, etc.) in successive iterations.
    • Creation of memory-anchoring campaigns using the Domoscio Lock expanded recall tool, deployed throughout the training program (post-e-learning and post-classroom).


  • On-site :
    • Iterative approach to determine granularity levels
    • Implementation of modules including assessment and validation of acquired knowledge, consolidation of knowledge
    • Post-training support to shed additional light on topics requiring clarification or greater expertise, and to support transfer to the workplace.
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Key figures

  • 10
  • 2
    rapid learning modules created

    Dispositif hybride

  • 2
    face-to-face training

    Hybrid system

  • 4
    campaigns created

    memory anchor

  • 28
    trained learners

Software development and digital learning support


Apside is delighted with the customer’s enthusiasm! Indeed, with this project, Apside positioned itself as a partner and facilitator, and was able to offer a comprehensive package tailored to the customer’s constraints and needs.

By combining its technical and functional expertise with its Digital Learning offering, Apside was able to demonstrate its agility and offer comprehensive, tailor-made and flexible support.


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