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Recruitment, training and onboarding of Cobol developers BUY WAY, LEADING FINANCING COMPANY IN BELGIUM

The recruitment of Cobol developers is a delicate issue. This outdated and complex computer language is no longer taught in schools.And yet, there are many organisations –particularly in banking, insurance, automotive sector and civil service –who have built part of their IS or their key applications in this language. The population of Cobol developers is ageing and a real need to train new people is emerging to meet existing and new functional and technical needs for companies like Buy Way.

Recruitment of Cobol developers

the context of an assignment based on trust

At Buy Way, a major player in financing solutions in Belgium, the heart of the system is written in Cobol. Consequently, the company is regularly forced to bring fresh blood into an experienced team, so that they can improve their skills and build the Buy Way teams of tomorrow. The company called on Apside to resolve this Cobol skills issue, given the constraint posed by profiles who are permanently integrated within the team and not external consultants.

Buy Way and the search for new profiles

our support

As a result, the assignment was as follows:source, recruit, train and integrate Cobol developers into the Buy Way teams. Above all, the financing company wanted young people with an agile mindset, who are motivated and ready to get stuck into their duties. The IT company therefore offered to recruit candidates with the right profile, and put them in the hands of an Apside expert trainer. Using our Academy by Apside, these young job seekers therefore underwent intense training to become qualified in the Cobol language. They were then integrated into the Buy Way teams and quickly became operational on the company’s Cobol applications.


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Our team for this recruitment assignment

training and integration

This mission was led by Cécile, director of the Apside Belgium branch, based in Brussels.She was responsible for sourcing candidates, and recruiting and onboarding them at Buy Way.As for the training, it was provided by André, a mainframe instructor, based in the Strasbourg branch, with the support of the Academy by Apside, led by Michael. In the Buy Way team, our contacts included Alexis, Cobol Team Leader, and Timothée, Chief Information Officer.

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The results and follow-up given to the Cobol assignment

  • 8

    Duration of relationship

  • 40

    One team in total

  • €1.5

    Annual turnover

  • 2015

    A partner


Focused on an ageing language, this assignment reflects a facet of our profession that is rarely highlighted:the capacity to act as a partner to resolve our customers’ problems. Consequently, Apside was able to source, recruit, train, qualify and then facilitate the integration of three Cobol developers within Buy Way, from 2018. They have now been perfectly assimilated within their team and are fulfilled in their daily duties. Thanks to this trust between Apside and its client, a real relationship is now emerging between the two companies, concerning the training and integration of new recruits. The model is nevertheless changing because Buy Way has found a partner for the future in Apside; The financial player is therefore taking back control of the sourcing of profiles, and letting the IT company work on a job role that it is more familiar with:technical training.


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