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Live System Support

In 2023, live system support (LSS) remains crucial for industrial stakeholders.
Dans un contexte marqué par l’émergence de l’Industrie 4.0, l’optimisation des coûts, la disponibilité, l’obsolescence, la verticalisation des marchés et la responsabilité sociale sont autant de défis majeurs. Par ailleurs, l’intégration de technologies avancées et la conformité réglementaire s’avèrent incontournables pour assurer une performance opérationnelle durable et compétitive.


At a time when the Industry is undergoing its own digital transformation, Apside is proposing a LSS 4.0 offer, which capitalises on the leverage points of data, artificial intelligence, IoT, the Cloud, and cybersecurity to improve its clients’ performances and to help them to transition from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance.
A partner recognised by major industry stakeholders, Apside has been providing support for several years now, covering issues obsolescence monitoring, obsolescence technical resolution, industrial support.
Un chaudronnier en pleine soudure dans un environnement sombre éclairé par la lumière bleue de son appareil

Apside's support

For several years now, Apside has been supporting the stakeholders of the industrial sector in multiple ways (technical support, service centre), covering the following focuses :


In particular, the Apside experience has allowed them to :
  • Increase the prioritisation capacity ; of obsolescence resolutions, cleaning up and updating alternative databases
  • Increase the resolution of obsolescence lines by proposing pertinent solutions
  • Reduce the lead time between the emergence of an incident, its industrial processing, and its resolution, whether it be document-based or technical applied to the team thus enabling greater consistency between the applicable definition and the definition use.


  • maintenance.png

    Drafting of maintenance policies (management, quality, control, outsourcing monitoring, etc.)

  • besoin-ressources.png

    Resource needs assessment

  • activites-de-maintenance.png

    Supervision of maintenance activities

  • assistance-technique.png

    Organisation and implementation with Technical Support / Grouped Technical Support / Skill Centres (SC) / results-based commitment (fixed-rate, agile fixed-rate)

  • gestion-perennite.png

    Sustainability management (obsolescence, stock and supply management, LBO management, polling, substitute identification, etc.)

Le groupe propose des profils opérationnels expérimentés dans le secteur industriel : 

The group offers operating profiles with experience in the industrial sector :
  • Predictive maintenance engineer
  • Industrial data analyst
  • Industrial cybersecurity expert
  • Reliability and availability engineer
  • Industrial support engineer
  • Industrial performance management specialist
  • Industrial 3D printing expert
  • Logistics and intelligent supply chain specialist
  • Maintenance cost analyst
  • Maintenance 4.0 training manager
Driven by technical and functional expertise, Apside is expanding its offering and supporting its clients with the exploitation of knowledge through its internal academy, and particularly thanks to its Follow Your Collab scheme, which is dedicated to stakeholders in the aeronautics sector.
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