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Software Development for Thermo Fisher Scientific : Background

Within the American multinational company Thermo Fisher Scientific, the ASG\VSG division is responsible for the development and production of electron microscopes, as well as image acquisition and processing software for such microscopes.

Since 2016 Apside has supported Thermo Fisher Scientific in the development of data acquisition and post-processing software for (S)TEM transmission electron microscopes, including microscope detector management, development of new types of acquisition, image processing, and spectral quantification.

Software development for Thermo Fisher Scientific : Our support

The development teams are in charge of developing new features of the software, both for the data acquisition stage in TEM and STEM, image and spectral, but also for the post-processing stage once the data has been acquired, including image processing and development of imaging tools.

The users are both researchers and manufacturers, working in the fields of life sciences, materials, geosciences, and semiconductors.

From a technical point of view, development is carried out in C++ 17 with the Qt and Boost frameworks, and employing the agile Scrum method.

Software Development - Thermo Fisher Scientific

Software development for Thermo Fisher Scientific : Our team

A total of four teams are involved in the project, three of which are located in the Netherlands.

These teams consist of four to six developers, a QA and a Scrum Master.

A final team consists of all of the QAs, a coordinator and a Scrum Master.

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