Transformation of an IT operations centre System U

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Transformation of an operations centre at System U : Background

U-IRIS is responsible for the management of all IT operations for the U group, both its software and hardware.

The IT operations centre, where all the IT and communications equipment used by the stores and warehouses is stored, is reaching the limits of its production capacity in three facets: logistical, technical, and organizational. U-IRIS would therefore like to carry an out in-depth evaluation and transformation of the IT operations centre with the help of one of our consultants.

Transformation of an IT operations center for System U : Our team

From a team of highly skilled consultants Apside chose an individual experienced in organisational operations to help U-IRIS pick the best available solution for their needs.

Our consultant’s ability to interact in an appropriate manner with a wide variety of individuals within the company, from the IT technician to the general management, also played a role in the success of the project.

ESN Apside - Project SYSTEME U
ESN Apside - Project SYSTEME U

Transformation of an IT centre for System U : Our support

The initial phase of the audit enabled a situational analysis of the services provided by the IT operations centre and identification of the services to be modified and improved. General proposals were made regarding many operational points. At the same time with internal adjustments, the launch of a bidding process to find a larger service provider was proposed and accepted by U-IRIS.

The consultant then assisted the company in the drafting of the tender, as well as identified the stakeholders, evaluated responses from bidders, offered support, and helped reach the final decision.

At the same time, he launched and led internal workshops to improve the performance of numerous processes, in line with the company's culture.

Transformation of an IT operations centre for System U : Results

U-IRIS was able to get a precise and clear vision of the conditions of the IT operations centre at the time. In addition, our methodology enabled the company to find an optimal way to manage their service providers. As a result, the IT operations team was now in a position to implement the changes needed on its own, through the skills they acquired during the workshops we held.

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