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Project Outsourcing for IT-CE Bank : Background

3 Skills Centres located in Lyon and Bordeaux around 3 clients’ IT departments!
Complex? No! Focused, committed and transparent for the client – yes!

To strengthen the digital and regulatory programs of our client’s, since 2014 we have launched several outsourced platforms that have made it possible to support customers in their digital transformation. To do this, we have invented a contractual model that was unique at the time: the Skills Centre combining the flexibility of technical assistance and the commitment in terms of management and stability used in our Service Center.

Project Outsourcing for IT-CE Bank : Our teams

As is often the case, the adventure began with a need expressed by the client: How to associate in the long term a trusted partner and avoid the silo effect of traditional outsourcing?

The answer was provided with the launch of 3 competence centres between 2014 and 2019:
• The first digital solutions projects focused on several digital objectives: zero-paper policy through the use of digital tablets in agencies, electronic signatures, and the principle of non-archiving
• Exchanges and means of payment in regards to regulatory projects and management of the application assets
• Regulatory savings and associated taxation

Our team - IT-CE
Our support - IT-CE

Project Outsourcing for IT-CE Bank : Our support

• Our customised Apside service and management of the client’s front and back office based on market best practices: ITIL, ISO, ISTQB, implementation of CMMI Services.

• Transformation plan and customer support with a tailor-made tool and a solid needs/skills matching

• Commitment to the competence of the core team, the responsiveness and flexibility of the support team, accumulation of technical and functional capital

• Fluctuation of teams between 40 and 55 full-time employees split into 4 teams at the Apside sites in Bordeaux and Lyon (Cross-functional Solutions and Savings)

In case of any concerns with trust or sustainability, we do not rely on fixed delivery dates, amendments or penalties, maintaining complete transparency.

Project Outsourcing for IT-CE Bank : Results

The most important thing that we have been able to accomplish for the client in their transition to a digital company has been digitization of all their documents including a complete electronic document management solution covering the functions of acquisition at the workstation, document archiving, digital file management, Customer Regulatory File management and restitution at the workstation.

This deployment made it possible to migrate 17 branches and 2 subsidiaries in just 2 months for a volume rarely achieved: 5.7 million Customer Settlement Files, 18 million contract files and 57 million document links in EDM. Since then, the adventure has continued !

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