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Organizational consulting : Background

Our client has experienced several governance changes over the past 18 months. They also have faced many major challenges related to the evolution of their business, which required the implementation of significant operational changes.

The Board of Directors found itself in a complex situation and was aware of the differences in opinions among its members. The board was unable to come to a consensus in terms of making key operational changes.

The company has chosen to hold an extraordinary seminar to determine a new mode of operation for the board and restore its cohesion. It called upon Apside, and entrusted us with the task of working with them through this phase by preparing and leading this seminar.

Organizational consulting : Our team

Out of a team of experienced consultants coming from varied backgrounds (management, consulting, project management, interim management, etc.) we quickly identified a pair of complementary and relevant consultants for this task.

Vincent and Camille went to meet with the client to identify and clarify their needs, and help their team through the process.

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Organizational consulting : Our support

A phase of individual interviews allowed each board member to express his or her opinion of the situation and the problems encountered, and to describe his or her vision of the future functioning of the board.

Taking these elements into consideration, Vincent and Camille developed a snapshot of the situation, as close as possible to reality. An initial report was produced to immediately address the points of difficulty that were not related to the overall functioning of the board.

With this sketch of the situation our team prepared the seminar. The seminar focused on a training session on Cooperation Intelligence, a summary of the interviews, and workshops to determine the role of the board and its members, and its new mode of operation.

Organizational consulting : Results

Beyond the deliverable produced during the seminar, the time spent together and the method of facilitation allowed each board member to see and apply in a concrete way with their colleagues the first principles of a new common operation.

The board has regained its unity, and each member has found their place, once again being able to bring their expertise to the group in a free and spontaneous manner.

The board is now in a position to take decisions that are binding for the company with serenity. It is also now able to adjust its own functioning independently: review of the levels of delegation, changes in the frequency and procedures for holding board meetings, choice of the topics for the agenda, etc.

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Organizational consulting : Testimonial

"We found that the seminar of the Steering Committee led by Vincent and Camille from APSIDE created an atmosphere of synergy among the board members. Under their leadership we reached the set objectives and built an action plan to improve the functioning of the Steering Committee.”

A year later, the client contacted Apside again to organize another seminar: “What is the next step for our board of directors?!”

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