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To help you keep up with users’ rising expectations and constant technological changes, Apside provides you with an advisory, support and training role for your information systems (IS).

Our IT engineering consultants are dedicated to designing, implementing, maintaining and updating information technology (IT) systems.
They ensure its safety, consistency and evolution throughout the changes of your organisation.

In concrete terms, an Apside consultant will advise you on the best technologies to be implemented and will participate in all the phases of your IT project:
– Needs analysis
– Architecture
– Design
– Development
– Integration
– Validation

During IT engineering assignments, Apside’s teams will work in all of your technological environments to make sure all of your systems will embrace the change.
They have mastered organising, structuring, accessing and managing data to the highest standards.

Additionally, our project managers and directors will ensure that your projects run smoothly within your IT systems unit.
They can rely on a team of skilled developers who will implement the right IT engineering solutions to meet all of your organisation’s and your customers’ needs.

Preparing the release of your new IT solutions will be taken into account as soon as your needs are established!
That’s why our DevOps consultants will advise you in setting up the best continuous integration and deployment methods.

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