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Alexandre Tech Lead - Clermont

Since his early childhood, Alexandre has seen IT tools as a way of exchanging and sharing information. He started by creating some simple web pages to share two of his favorite interests: video games and chess. Later, during his IT studies in Clermont-Ferrand, he was introduced to the almost endless possibilities in programming.

Alexandre's story

After his first experience in professional web development at a company using a variety of computer languages, he joined Fugam that specialises in Microsoft technologies in the e-commerce sector.

Then, after several years filled with many enriching career experiences and memorable relationships with colleagues, he decided to take on another challenge by embarking on a new adventure with Apside Clermont-Ferrand! He joined the service center team where he now brings his expertise in the development of Microsoft technologies.

At the same time, Alexandre teaches at Clermont-Ferrand University. He shares his passion for JavaScript and .NET with his students, while also enjoying the opportunity to exchange with other professors and business professionals there on campus.

Why did you join Apside?

Alexandre : “During the course of my interviews, I was touched by the warmth and friendly atmosphere among those on the Apside team.  In addition, I really bought into the goals and future projects of the agency in Clermont-Ferrand. This helped me to see myself working with them and enjoying it. Apside has given me several opportunities for a very exciting career. I have found a team that is driven and ready to take on any challenge!”

Alexandre's assignments

In his first assignment at Fugam, Alexandre helped his customer maintain their status as market leaders by updating their 2 websites. They rebuilt their systems from scratch and focused on improving the performance of their proprietary tools. Alexandre helped guide his team of 2 developers in developing APIs with .NET and SQL Server databases.


During this project, Alexandre used his functional knowledge and previous experience with the company within a international team: the Clermont-Ferrand and Casablanca consultants gathered together to respond to their client’s needs. It was an exciting challenge for Alexandre and a great success for Apside.


In his last assignment, Alexandre worked for Mobilize Financial Services, a subsidiary of the Renault group, which provides the tools needed to sell and finance vehicles. As part of a nine-member team based in Rennes and Clermont-Ferrand, composed of a project manager, front-end and back-end developers, and a DevOps engineer, Alexandre contributed his technical expertise in .NET and Angular development. He has also worked on various topics including: full-stack development, code review, architecture, refactoring and continuous integration/delivery with Jenkins.


As a Tech lead, Alexandre has been involved in many activities in the Apside agency of Clermont-Ferrand: hiring new employees, supervising interns and new hires, and managing a group of internal projects. Alexandre has also found the time to help the sales team with pre-sales by analyzing the needs of potential clients. This dimension of his job has been particularly rewarding for him.

Alexandre in a few words

Alexandre, Tech Lead

"If we take life too seriously, we forget to enjoy the present"

Alexandre worked with Mobilize Financial Services, a subsidiary of the French group Renault, which created important digital tools for selling and financing cars.


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