Guaranteeing the quality of our technical operations is a constant priority for Apside.


Quality assurance and quality control have been an integral part of Apside’s services for 15 years and have reached very high levels. This has been achieved through a structured team of Quality Engineers, reliable tools and specialised skills. This team, SPOCQ (Support for Process, Organisation, Commerce and Quality), is involved from the launch of a project and during implementation of the reference framework as well as verification of the resources put in place to honour commitments right through to the final test. It is also responsible for certifications, continuous improvement processes, progress plans, and implementation of platforms (outsourced services).

Having become a centre of expertise, this team uses feedback to constantly improve the quality level and maintain the certifications acquired (ISO 9001, EN 9100).




  • Quality approach for 15 years
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • EN 9100 certified
  • CMMI Level 2 certification in progress
  • RTC (Research Tax Credit) accreditation
  • Approved Training Organisation




ISO 9001     EN9001    CMMI