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Driving and monitoring intelligent batteries : Background

Saft is a world leader in the design and production of high-tech industrial batteries. The group is present in many sectors such as aerospace, railway transport, telecommunications, healthcare and energy storage.

The Software Engineering department aims to create a platform to control and monitor its intelligent batteries: the CUBE project, which was launched in early 2018.

This is a project carried out by Saft's "System" department. Its first external customer is the European Osmose project for the electrical grid market.

Driving and monitoring intelligent batteries : Our support

We provide technical assistance on site, as part of other teams in the Software Engineering department. We have set up a continuous integration and delivery process that allows us to ensure good product quality and to be able to develop new features without the risk of decline in performance.

The steps are:
• Creation of the Linux image
• Target Deployment
• Automatic test execution
• Delivery of the various items
• Test results

Vincent, a Linux expert (drivers support, COTS) and C/C++ embedded developer brings his knowledge to the Linux distribution creation system "Yocto Project" and is in charge of gathering the different software components in a "home-made" Linux distribution.

Piloter et monitorer les batteries intelligentes - Equipe projet

Driving and monitoring intelligent batteries : Our teams

The team is made up of a dozen subcontractors, consisting of :
• A project manager (an Apside consultant) who reports directly to the department manager
• Three Web and Cloud application developers (Spring/Azure)
• Two C/C++ embedded developers
• A test manager (manual and automatic tests)
• Two cybersecurity specialists to comply with the IEC 62443 standard.

We work with the Scrum method, carrying out three-week Sprints. Since the client works in a "V" cycle, we have reconciled the two approaches by adjusting the Agile method to their needs.

Our team has no architect or technical lead, each person experienced in their field brings their own solutions, while decisions are made in a collaborative manner.

Driving and monitoring intelligent batteries : Results

The CUBE project is a pilot project at Saft. We are laying the foundation for a new software development process for the service, adhering to applicable current best practices.

The use of a commercially available rugged (x86) PC running on Linux in place of complex circuit boards is also a new paradigm at Saft. This allows for installation of a multi-use and modular platform that can be integrated into existing and future products.

We have just started the R-CUBE project, a variation of CUBE for the railway sector, which will allow Saft batteries to be monitored in the TGV high-speed trains designed for the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.

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