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Application Supervision for SNCF Network : Background

Within SNCF Network's ISD, the COP Division is notably responsible for application operational supervision, IS operation, as well as the administration of technical platforms.

The scope and the implementation of specific supervision for each application (more than 250, of which 1/3 are critical) has become a major focus of the COP Division. Since 2013 Apside has been supporting its clients in the areas of application supervision and maintenance of infrastructures in operational conditions.

Application supervision for SNCF Network : Our support

In 2018 the COP division asked Apside to help in the transformation of its application supervision delivery model. Faced with the demands of infrastructure, application, and business teams, it was necessary to enlarge our capacity and augment efficiency in the processing of increasingly varied and complex supervision projects.

We transformed a Technical Assistance unit into a Skills Centre, changing the delivery model.

This evolution of the delivery mode has led to hiring additional members for our team, a shift to a results-oriented approach and a strengthening of our skills on complex supervision tools.

Application supervision for SNCF Network
Application supervision for SNCF Network

Application supervision for SNCF Network : Our team

Our model is based on a team of 5 system engineers, a delivery manager and an operations coordination manager.

Our team delivers projects and supervision requests according to SNCFR operations standards. It designs, implements, administers and documents the supervision components of the 256 business applications of SNCF Network, a third of which are critical (passenger information, traffic, timetables, etc.). Our users are both the 24-hour operations and supervision teams, and business teams who report on the performance of their application.

The main technologies implemented are Nagios, Centréon, Splunk and Datadog, in Linux/Unix, Windows and Cloud environments.

Application supervision for SNCF Network : Results

Our support through our Skills Centre approach has enabled us to significantly increase our project delivery capacity, to be more responsive to the demands of the application teams and to offer the client more relevant and workable solutions. With the implementation of specific application supervision tools, we are supporting the technological transformation of SNCF’s applications into the Cloud.

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