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Mass Processing Task Force for S2E : Background

S2E is an expert in processing employee savings transactions, which it operates for 6 major national banks: SG, BNPP, HSBC, AXA, Fédéral Finance and Crédit du Nord.

It is facing a change in the law that will generate a very large flow of applications in a short period no longer than 2 years, using a business process that has never existed before.

The business experts were able to identify the main actions to be taken to handle each case, but the implementation of an efficient and secure operational organization with costs kept under control requires a specialised team in its own right.

The company therefore chose to entrust Apside with the implementation of this system, to guarantee the control of the rise of an internal S2E Task Force created specifically for this activity.

Mass processing task force for S2E : Our team

As the project essentially took place directly on the client's site, the need for a versatile consultant arose.

Vincent therefore was sent to the client's site, where he was able to apply his organizational skills, relying on excellent interpersonal skills and solid experience enabling him to quickly grasp the issues at each stage.

Apside project - S2E
Mass Processing Task Force for S2E

Mass Processing Task Force for S2E : Our support

After a first phase of taking into account the main activities to be carried out with the experts, Vincent built the first steps of the process, proceeded to recruit and train a team on behalf of the client.

Then, thanks to the initial feedback acquired during the processing of the first records, the process was further developed and improved, and ready to be used company-wide, to enable the employees to process the entire scope.

At the same time, the appropriate communications were prepared and sent to the various parties involved, depending on their needs: shareholders, to reassure them that the new regulatory framework had been properly taken into account; company employees, to reassure them about the processing of client records, etc.

Mass processing task force for S2E : Results

After 10 months of support and guidance, the independent team of our consultants was recognised by the rest of the company for the quality, rigour and efficiency of their work. The error rate was extremely low (less than 5 per 1000), even though the process was done completely by hand, since the team did not have access to the latest IT tools. The integration process also proved to be very efficient, as it enabled our consultants to process the first elements of a file within a week of their arrival.

As a result of the efficiency of the process and its management, we were able to transfer the team to an internal manager, who then took over part of the project.

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Mass Processing Task Force for S2E : Testimonial

"I appreciated the way our difficult circumstances were assessed, the strong leadership and commitment and, more generally, the caring approach.”

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