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Digital strategy consulting to support your digital transformation //

Together, we develop a personalised digital strategy.

Because you have to make strategic decisions for your business, our consultants work with you to craft the best plan for the future of your business.

It is based on the challenges you are facing, your goals and your vision, so that you can bring about digital change within your company.

Ranging from 4 to 8 months on average, our digital strategy assignments offer you tailored recommendations to meet your needs: define a strategic plan, implement a marketing strategy, increase profitability, reduce costs, etc.

Each digital strategy can then be supported by organisational and management consulting, helping you to implement processes to achieve your goals.

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Keley Consulting, Apside's digital strategy consulting firm //

Through a clever and integrated approach to digital strategy, Keley Consulting helps start-ups to grow and large companies to become start-ups again.

Keley is continuously involved throughout the lifecycle of digital projects. With high-level profiles, the firm offers its clients a tailor-made approach, combining a large number of complementary expertise:
– Innovation & Marketing
– E-commerce & Omnicanal
– CRM and Loyalty
– Service Design and UX
– Data and Artificial Intelligence
– Acquisition and Traffic
– Product & Project Management

With its integrated and business-oriented approach, Keley Consulting couples rigorous consulting methodologies with a clear start-up vision. The firm thus guarantees its clients a better time-to-market that takes into account all of their important KPIs.

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