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IT business consulting to support your transformation //

Business consulting is a set of recommendations to help you carry out your digital transformation in the best way possible.

Apside’s business consultants are experts in matching your business requirements with your IT solutions.
They also ensure that a strong compatibility is established between your business strategy and the technology strategy you have adopted.

At Apside, our IT business consulting unit will support you in implementing the right IT solutions according to your needs and those of your industry.

Whether you are still specifying the needs of your project according to your users’ expectations, or analysing your business issues, implementing solutions, looking to reduce your time-to-market, optimising your resources… Apside will assist you and ensure the optimal progress of your projects.


Our projects

Business consulting – Our usual missions //

Apside provides diversified solutions through all of its business consulting missions.

We know your needs can vary greatly: from understanding users, defining the solutions to be implemented to meet their needs, making these solutions ergonomic and efficient, to detecting processes that can be automated.

Therefore, our business consultants showcase strong skills that match all of those needs and will support the implementation of your projects:
– Project Management Support
– UX / UI Design
– Product owner
– Methodologies (agility, lean…)
– Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
– Functional expertise
– …

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