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What we do

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We are an engineering and IT company that helps its clients in every way possible. Our services range from strategy building to carrying out IT and industrial projects as well as providing expertise and training.
With more than 300 active clients, Apside is an engineering and IT consulting company with extensive expertise in a wide array of industries including Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Multimedia, Defence, Aeronautics, Space, Automotive and Transportation.
The Apside Group works closely with its customers and provides personalised solutions through our broad network of agencies across France and abroad.
At Apside, we believe that providing flexible and scalable offers best matches all of our clients’ needs.

Therefore, we provide all of our services with either resource-based solution (technical assistance, a skills centre…), or results-based solutions (full package, service centre, TPT, TPM).

Our consultants have the right know-how, business knowledge and organisational skills to employ in the projects they work on.
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