Mobile services and technological innovations compel companies to integrate digital solutions at the heart of their information systems. Digital challenges are becoming strategic challenges and they complement the traditional commercial vectors, tools, and channels. These business instruments come together, helping us reach a common goal to optimise the sharing of information, in order to reassure, convince and appeal to users and customers. Digital transformation? An unavoidable challenge for all sectors of the economy.



  • Time to market: How can you shorten time to market?
  • UX: Which strategy should you use to constantly improve user experience?
  • Customer knowledge: Better at meeting expectations and adapting offers: which tools can you use to move towards fully customized offers?
  • Sales optimisation: Which distribution strategies should you implement in the multi-channel, multi-media era?
  • Branding: How can you optimise visibility and control e-reputation?





Having been a digital pioneer and leader for several years, we constantly invest and innovate to offer our customers the state-of-the-art services. Our vision is driven by our digital experts, who participate in national and international technical conferences and events. In order to quickly implement the technical initiatives and ideas of our consultants, we have created our the Agile Delivery Centre. It is our internal laboratory which benchmarks, tests, innovates and produces showcase POCs, internal tools and multi-customer programmes. For digital activities requiring a significant degree of openness, both in terms of the dynamic/community sharing and for developing expertise in as many niches as possible, Apside also relies on proven technological partners.

To maintain these multiple areas of expertise, Apside Academy offers different training, awareness, tutorial and media content, amongsothers, adapted to the wishes of each of our employees.








Contribution to your Open Innovation projects





  • Expertise: we help our clients translate their needs into tangible requirements and find solutions to technical, methodological and operational problems
  • Technical support: via experts trained in the latest digital technologies
  • Outsourcing: completion of your projects at our digital activity centre (Agile Delivery Centre)
  • R&D: Apside’s participation in your Open Innovation projects (Hackatons, DataLabs, calls for projects, etc.)











  • Design and development of Web factory (integrating multi-site, multi and cross-device content management constraints)
  • Development of e-health mobile apps (ideation, bundling, completion) in short sprints
  • Development and integration of machine learning tools (artificial conscience/intelligence)
  • Development of virtual/augmented reality apps for the insurance sector
  • Creation of web avatars and avatars for store checkouts
  • Development of IoT tools for the industrial world (sensors/protocol/app interface/data-processing)
  • Use of RFID: this electronic labelling method (bar code) enables more detailed management of inventories and restocking. We work with a partner specialised in the production of hardware (chip, scan) while we develop the apps.