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Filipe Aveiro

Tech Lead: Filipe’s story //

After completing a master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Coimbra, Filipe started his career as a researcher in computer vision algorithms specialized in digital image training and image recognition.

After a career move to software engineering, and experience working on various projects, he had deep understanding of all stages of the software lifecycle and various technologies. Indeed, Filipe has worked in multiple areas, including research and development of bank credit analysis solutions, GIS application development (Geographic Information System), and development of an HR management system, just to name a few. With more than 10 years of experience, Filipe has an in-depth knowledge of architecture, automated tests, and quality processes as well as APIs.

Why did you join Apside?

Filipe: “It is part of Apside’s DNA to promote employee training, and to help them improve technical skills, combining innovation, exciting projects, and a great culture of quality. I joined Apside to work on challenging projects, but also for the opportunity given to grow as a technical leader. Apside has offered me a place to grow in terms of technical expertise as well as team management.”


Tech Lead: Filipe’s missions //

As a Tech Lead, Filipe plays a key role in the organization of Apside Portugal. He is managing and constantly guiding his team with his technical background and actively contributing to building the projects for our clients.

Filipe is responsible for overseeing PHP/Symfony projects, but he is also involved in projects using Drupal CMS and other technologies such as VueJs, Angular, and C# .NET Core. He is currently working on projects in different domains such as medical services, impact investing market, transportation industry, and ERP design and development.

As part of one of his projects, he exchanges with a team located in Switzerland, Australia, Cambodia, and Portugal to design and develop new features and to maintain a web application. Using a Scrum methodology, he works on frontend or backend development as well as integrations with the infrastructure services.

Furthermore, Filipe works with consultants from Spain, France and Portugal with contacts directly with the clients to understand their needs, to estimate the time required for completion, and to manage the team’s workload. To top it all off, he helps on developing and maintaining a web application used to sell train tickets online, as well as consulting about the market best practices on the website configuration management and troubleshooting with the infrastructure team.

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The clients I have worked with

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