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Software developer

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João Aveiro

Software developer: João’s story //

João has been in touch with technology from a young age. It all started when he watched his older brother tinker with computers and games. That environment inspired João to study science and technology in high school, and then to pursue a degree in Information Technologies at the University of Aveiro. Always a curious and a pro-active person, João decided to look for an internship to put in place the knowledge acquired during years of study in the field of technology. He then joined Apside as a software developer intern in 2022.

Why did you join Apside?

João: “Apside Portugal works to give opportunities to graduate students who want to start their professional career in the technology sector., As a recent graduate I had the chance to get some hands-on experience of real professional challenges with the support of Apside’s e-learning platform called AbA (Academy by Apside), and its Lab for internal projects. I was also provided with  close mentoring of a Tech lead that helped me to develop skills and to learn from my senior colleagues in a collaborative and enriching environment.”

Software developer: João’s missions //

As soon as João joined Apside, he was onboarded into an internal project called Suiviapp, where he had the opportunity to start a new project from scratch. During his assignment, he was focused on how to set up a project with the understanding of a process, creating diagrams, survey requirements, and database setup. Technologies such as Asp.NET C#, Angular, HTML/CSS, Entity Framework, and .NET Core among others were used during the frontend and backend development. He also did pair programing with a Tech Lead to ensure João’s contribution was compliant with Apside’s quality process. Testing was also his responsibility which gave him an excellent overview of the phases from the Software Development LifeCycle.

Thanks to João’s improvement in his skills during that intense onboarding period, he was selected by Stellantis, one of our French customers, to be part of a team that maintains a complex tool associated with the automotive sector. His role relies on participating in the delivery of requests to update the application using the .NET C# technology. João fixes bugs and develops features in a software program used to manage every aspect of a car – including maintenance, diagnostics, and performance. João feels challenged and motivated to work on his first assignment!

One of the best programming skills you can have is knowing when to walk away for a-while. (Oscar Godson)

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