Filipe, Aveiro

Scrum master and agile coach

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Scrum Master & Agile Coach: Filipe’s story //

Filipe is from Aveiro, and a proud “Cagaréu” – born in the historic neighbourhood of Vera Cruz. From an early age, he started playing multiple sports (basketball, handball, soccer, muay thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu …), where playing on a team and helping his teammates to reach their full potential have always been his passions. By constantly striving to improve his craft, he is continually pushing the boundaries of his working knowledge while also helping his teammates to excel.

Filipe has a background in communication technologies, and, for many years, he created videos, as well as working extensively with photography, 3D animation, and motion design. As a team player his greatest passions are to lead and motivate his colleagues on each project, keeping in mind the project objective as well as each team member’s goals.

He took the leap he wanted after completing the certified Scrum Master and Agile Coach certification.

For 4 years now, Filipe has been helping teams to deliver high-quality software products using his Scrum skills, Agile practices, and tools such as Jira. He has proven track record of improving team productivity and customer satisfaction through effective leadership and communication skills.

He joined Apside Portugal in April 2023 to work on our clients’ exciting projects!

Why did you choose Apside? //

Filipe: “There’s nothing better than working in the city where you were born and contributing to an ambitious company. After almost 15 years, and while looking for a new challenge in Aveiro, I got called by Apside Portugal. I instantly felt that I could take part in the growth of the company using my knowledge and experience in Agile and Scrum. The challenge of being in a growing company, combined with the possibility of working in various sectors with both local and international clients, was the perfect combination of everything I was looking for.”


Scrum Master & Agile Coach: Filipe’s assignments //

As an Agile Coach, Filipe helps individuals, teams, and the entire organisation to embrace a culture shift based on proven human-centric agile principles, practices, and values. The Agile Coach helps deploy Agile processes, methods, and drives continuous improvement. Our customers also need a pragmatic and experienced leader to help them achieve their objectives.

Filipe is now coaching all our teams to master Agile principles, making sure we optimise and deliver successful projects by focusing on budget, scope, and quality expectations. Our teams are becoming more Agile in their operating methods to support Apside Portugal’s growth.


Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. (Stephen Hawking)
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