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Marco Tech Lead

Tech Lead : Marco’s story //

Born and raised in Aveiro, Marco discovered computers and algorithms when he was 10 years old, playing with his uncle in the computer language called BASIC – old school black and white screens and floppy disks for all you youngsters out there! Already absolutely passionate with computers since his early teenage years, he then graduated in New Communication Technologies at the University of Aveiro in 2005. Then, he began his career as a teacher (in secondary and higher education), while working as an independent developer. Besides technology, Marco is passionate about 3D printing, wire soldering and creating the automation in his home automation solution. He’s deeply involved in the tech community in Portugal, as a proud member of the Porto Linux, the WordPress & Drupal Portugal communities.

After 10 years as a teacher, Marco decided to go full-time into new technologies and looked for a job in this field. He then joined Apside Portugal in August 2022 as a Tech Lead and immediately became part of the team of our client Mobilize Financial Services.

Why did you choose Apside?

Marco: “Apside reached out to me with a technical challenge, and a key role in the strategy of the company’s transformation. So far, both objectives are being met! Apside’s team trusted in me at a time where I was just turning 40 years old with no specific career path mapped out. Apside’s approach was completely different; Through its nearshore model, we are working with international clients. Now I step out of my comfort zone and learn something new every day: it is highly motivating!”


Tech Lead: Marco’s assignments //

Marco joined Apside Portugal with in-depth expertise in new technologies to help our Aveiro office to structure and develop. He’s currently working on the refactoring and modernization of a key application for Mobilize Financial Services. He works with an international team based both in France and Portugal, with 9 Apsidians. Marco is leading the local team, guiding the developers in their daily coding activities and making sure they apply our best practices in Typescript and Angular development. As a technical leader, he is also very involved in the growth of Apside Portugal, participating in the interview process and making sure we constantly keep our training plans up to date.

His typical day begins with a project daily meeting to align and define the team’s objectives. As a frontend expert, Marco works along with the team on coding, code review, and peer-testing. On top on that, he is taking French classes 2-3 times a week – which he really enjoys – and tries to learn as much as possible from others!

Among the various challenges of his Apside experience so far, Marco particularly appreciates the opportunity offered by Apside to learn and grow together through new skills.


Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Never consider yourself an expert but a fool ready to learn more. (Steve Jobs)

The clients I have worked with

Mobilize Financial Services
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