Apside life Become the Apsidian you wish to be

La Vie Apsidienne, or Life at Apside, is founded on the promise of professional development that we make to all our employees.

La Vie Apsidienne means presenting projects at Devoxx, or flying your own rocket! La Vie Apsidienne means being a speaker at a TechDèj, having coffee with colleagues, or trying to become Apsidian of the Year. La Vie Apsidienne means exploring new roles, or teaching and learning thanks to our Academy!

Become a teacher, a collaborator, a presenter, an inventor, or even a go-kart driver. Become the Apsidian you wish to be.

Vie Apsidienne - Equipe Apside Portugal
Vie Apsidienne - Locaux Apside Paris
Vie Apsidienne - Collaboratrice Apside Paris
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